My paintings are a blend of force and frailty, love and hope, extravagance and colour, creation and passion.

I need to paint as much as I need to breathe air… it’s vital. Each painting is unique. Each person is unique.

We know that it is “the one” when we look at a work that casts a spell. It is there for us and it is the right one when it says “wow”.

We cannot turn off our eyes. The force of attraction is as intense as a magnet.

So I paint for you whom I don’t know and who, one day, will take a look at one of my paintings and will blurt out “wow!”
The objective: At the same time and thanks to the sale of my works, acquire a house especially built for my handicapped daughter and me, to help her become self-sufficient and have a better quality of life.

To help me reach my objective, any help is welcome.

For any question or order

Johanne Tessier
450 464-8484